Semi-Truck Insurance

Semi-Truck Insurance

Go a semi-truck all revved up and ready to hit the road to haul cargo? Drivers usually transport a lot of materials or merchandise across states for many hours. But before you do that, you should ensure that you are covered for damages.
Drivers deserve better coverage and low costs. At Fleet Line Insurance, we help you comply with federal and state-mandated requirements for semi-truck insurance.
Get protection against:
• Accidents at delivery locations – if your driver inadvertently causes damage to property at other sites, the right truck insurance coverage can pay for it.
• Injury – Take care of medical bills and potential legal costs.
• Damaged property or commodities – your commercial insurance policy can cover costs to fix the damages caused to other properties. Your general liability insurance can even save you from delivering commodities to the wrong place.
Make the smart play. Protect your business by getting general liability coverage for your semi-truck.

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Client Feedback
    Cheryl Benston

    “Getting commercial truck insurance for my new trucks while looking after other aspects of my business becomes too overwhelming. I contacted Fleet Line Insurance and never looked back!”

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    Jenna Cavalry

    “Amazing services! They offered affordable rates compared to other competitors and three years installment plan according to my financial capability! I would rate the Fleet Line Insurance 9/10!”

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    Henry Pittsburgh

    “Hands down the best commercial insurance company! My trucks met an unforeseen accident. The team at Fleet Line Insurance got the damaged parts replacement within just a week!”

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