Bulk Tank Insurance

Bulk Tank Insurance

Your trucking business deals with all manner of risks every day. You need good drivers, great managers, and partners who ensure that your operations move without a hitch. We at Fleet Line Insurance can help you take care of liabilities for a variety of scenarios, safeguarding the livelihoods of you and your employees.
We provide bulk tank insurance plans that consider huge tankers in your fleet that transport hazardous materials for miles. Keeping both cargo safety and driver security in mind, our bulk tank insurance policy is custom-tailored to guard you against risks.
Tankers that ply on highways for hours are subject to physical stress. It is just a fact that tankers are exposed to more risk than other types of trucks and trailers. Therefore, it pays to get coverage for:
• Commercial Automobile Coverage
• Cargo Insurance
• Commercial General Liability
• Property Insurance
So what are you waiting for? Call us up today. Tanker operators deal with volatile loads every day. Don’t let it lead to a disaster for your company, driver, and environment.

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    Cheryl Benston

    “Getting commercial truck insurance for my new trucks while looking after other aspects of my business becomes too overwhelming. I contacted Fleet Line Insurance and never looked back!”

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    Jenna Cavalry

    “Amazing services! They offered affordable rates compared to other competitors and three years installment plan according to my financial capability! I would rate the Fleet Line Insurance 9/10!”

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    Henry Pittsburgh

    “Hands down the best commercial insurance company! My trucks met an unforeseen accident. The team at Fleet Line Insurance got the damaged parts replacement within just a week!”

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